What is Digital Advertising? 

Digital Advertising [noun] The art of putting your brand in front of consumers based on their interests, demographics, location and online behavior.

How do we do it?

As a Certified Google Partner, we have access to Google tools & services that other agencies do not. We like to start every digital marketing conversation with a review of your current online presence. Click below to request a copy of your free digital report card.

Social Media is here to stay and so are Millennials 

We all know how prevalent social media is in today’s mobile first world. The facts are simple. More Americans are online than ever before. The Millennial Generation, with our impulse purchase and instant gratification culture are at the top of this list. If you’re not using social media to advertise than you can virtually guarantee that your competition is.

At VGI we use data, science, technology and art to monetize this captive audience.


Cutting-edge managed Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest advertising

It’s true: paid advertising is a fundamental element of any local business’s marketing stack. It’s often the way consumers first discover a business and learn more about the products and services they offer.


Rewind 3-5 years and maybe that was true.

Times have changed

Platform Usage among US Adults 25-35 (2018)

Consumers no longer rely on traditional marketing methods to find businesses and product information. They rely on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It’s 2019 and we are ADDICTED to our phones. There’s no going back. There’s no changing this fact. You HAVE to be on social media or you are not relevant. Sorry not sorry.


We are Atlanta’s Social Media Marketing Experts

Every single member of our team is an expert on all things social media. We work closely with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest to stay up to date on the latest algorithms, social media best practices and more. Our social media advertising packages help generate immediate ROI for your business.

Social media advertising is the single most powerful tool to get your brand in front of consumers. We use cutting edge technology to show your brand to the right people at the right time. We provide free reporting and a client dashboard where you can view all of your campaigns instantaneously.

Social Media Advertising is the most cost effective digital advertising method available today. We can target thousands of consumers who match your ideal customer profile at a cost the fraction of traditional methods.

Boost brand awareness and target the audience you need to promote your business.

Many small businesses can’t afford large advertising budgets and worry about “missing out” when it comes to promoting themselves online. Are you one of them?


By engaging new customers with ads based on their browsing behavior and the content they’re already consuming, display advertising is an excellent way to promote and raise awareness for business brands on a budget! Display ads laser target online users through demographics like their age, gender, interests, location, and the likelihood of becoming a customer.

This means viewers will only see ads they have an interest in, and you won’t blow your advertising budget serving those valuable impressions to the wrong audience. Included is the ability to set up geo-fenced conversion zones in the real world, which are able to confirm when a user views an ad and then visits your actual business, proving the ROI. Display ads are also a great way to promote your existing content as a “native ad”, giving you the ability to engage with a larger audience than through an organic search.

This is a fully managed service, created to help you take advantage of the digital advertising landscape. Using industry-leading technology, our team will create the banner ads for your business, manage the ads campaign, and set up monthly reporting so ad performance can be tracked.

 Get Found at the Zero Moment of Truth

As a Certified Google Partner, we rely on ZMOT to guide the methodology behind our Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Watch the video below or click here to download your free eBook on the Zero Moment of Truth.

The basic premise of ZMOT is this: The rise in digital adoption has yielded a correlating effect on consumer behavior. There has been a paradigm shift in the way consumers search for information online and make decisions about brands. Google has dubbed this the “Zero Moment” - the precise moment when a consumer has a need, intent or question they want answered online. These questions can be anything from "Which brand of diapers will help my baby sleep through the night?" to "What toothpaste is going to make my smile brighter?" or "What will remove crayon marks from my wood dining table?" A brand that answers these questions at just the right time scores a double win: It helps improve a consumer's life and stands to gain a competitive advantage over brands that don't. Search Engine Marketing helps answer those questions.

Turn searches into conversions for your business.

Based on keyword search, our team of digital advertising strategists will create targeted ads that will appear at the top of Google search results. Ads can be customized to showcase reviews, business location, contact information, and more.

This is a fully managed service, so our team will do all the heavy lifting for you.

We use industry-leading technologies including:

  • Automated bid & budget management, which uses market-leading algorithms designed to help maximize your return on ad spend.

  • Instant alerts combined with daily URL testing, to help us understand when we have errors and at-risk campaigns.

  • A global estimator tool, which combines our proprietary technology with Google’s to provide clearer estimates.

  • Google Analytics integration with UTM tags, which automatically helps us optimize your campaigns over periods of time.

We also take advantage of Google’s library of extensions to maximize conversions.

  • Click-to-Call Extension: adds a call button next to the search result, driving qualified phone call leads directly to your business.

  • Review Extension: showcase the reviews you have received throughout the web, influencing new customers to trust your business.

  • Location Extension: make it easy for customers to get directions to your business.

Ready to have our team maximize your Google Ads Search results?

How does this relate to advertising for small business?

Search and ZMOT continue to grow in importance and scale. In the span of a single month, Google answers over 100 billion searches. The ubiquity of smartphones means that ZMOT is no longer defined by a single discrete moment ("when I open my laptop and search"). Instead, it's an integral part of the constantly connected consumer's entire day. Search is always accessible—from anywhere, on any device and at any given time. In fact, approximately one-third of all CPG searches now originate from smartphones, according to Google Search data.

As consumers' behavior has evolved, so must the ways in which brands engage them. In today's always-connected, mobile-first world, how do you continue to win the Zero Moment of Truth? Here are four tips and questions to explore:

1. Use search to uncover and understand the moments that matter

Long before many brand managers even knew what they were, consumers were searching for things like "greek yogurt," "BB cream," and "ombre hair." If you had to guess what kind of stain is searched for most, would you know the answer? Overwhelmingly, it's "red wine stains." Do you know what's in the collective mind of consumers right now? (Answer: coconut oil). The trick is to use search to identify the moments that matter to consumers and act on them across your entire marketing mix.

2. Be present in the moments that matter

Woody Allen is often credited with saying, "Eighty percent of success is showing up." This is especially true when it comes to digital. You can't be a helpful brand partner and improve the lives of consumers if you're not present in the moments they need you most. And increasingly, these moments are happening on smartphones. On mobile, do you know how many people are searching for your brand? Your category? How many of those times do you show up? How many times do they choose you, and why? Most importantly, how many times does your competitor show up, but you don't?

3. Have something interesting, relevant and/or engaging to say

We've established that you need to have an answer to these many consumer moments, but do you have the "right" answer? And does your ad provide the best possible experience across screens? A search for "hairstyle" on, say, a Friday night probably means something different than it would on a Saturday morning (ideas for a quick hairdo for a night out vs. ideas for cuts for an upcoming salon appointment). Links to products may not be enough to hook consumers. Your ads should provide an experience that's as informative and entertaining as possible: links to rich content on your website and opportunities to engage on Facebook or watch videos on YouTube, for example.

4. Measure the impact

You've managed to successfully capture the Zero Moment of Truth. Now what? To what degree does a ZMOT win advance business KPIs such as awareness, consideration, purchase intent, trial and repeat and purchase considerations? A new study from Google and Ipsos MediaCT, for example, shows that search ads drive brand awareness: The results reveal an average increase of 6.6 percentage points in top-of-mind awareness, from 8.2% to 14.8%—a lift of 80%.

Brands that are committed to the Zero Moment of Truth—the ones that use search to uncover and understand the moments that matter, that show up, that provide the right mobile-relevant answers and that measure the impact—stand to gain a competitive advantage. More importantly, they can help consumers when they need it most. At the end of the day, what matters more?

We take our commitment to our customers V seriously 

Our founder, Connor Reddick, spent years working for some of the biggest names in the business.

He learned something there.

He saw that these companies and agencies often sold business owners on a dream with a super low price tag. Their sales people told them whatever they wanted to hear to close the deal and didn’t care what the repercussions were.

Our No BS Guarantee™ is this:

You will never pay a penny more than the price listed on your service contract.

Like the super cute pupperino above, we know you probably have your guard up when talking to ad agencies.

So here’s how we do things

  • free no obligation consultation to learn about your goals and needs

  • we’ll huddle with our peeps and do what we do

  • we’ll present our plan to you and clearly outline what it will do in layman’s terms

  • clearly outline the cost of the plan and our fee

  • provide monthly reporting to show how we’re doing

  • only charge additional fees if we’re adding a new plan element